Android phones that will not update

Since May of last year, the administration of Donad Trump imposed on Huawei a commercial ban so that American companies would not export technology to the Chinese company, informó The Washington Post.

But nevertheless, the company was given a pardon with some exceptions so that the providers of software from the North American country to continue sending updates to Huawei and for it to distribute them to its customers, added the aforementioned media.

According to the Commerce Department, the grace measure was intended to help rural telecommunications companies in the US, as they are the ones that most adopt the use of Chinese brand equipment because it is “relatively inexpensive,” the newspaper said.

At the beginning of this year, Google assured that, due to the commercial prohibition, could not send updates to Huawei cell phones operating under the operating system Android, but the mobiles that were on the market since before the 2019 ban would receive the advances, the US portal pointed out.

As the temporary license has already expired, speculation arose that Huawei Android devices would not get system updates or security patches, Gizchina pointed out.

Nonetheless, Huawei denied the rumors and stated in a statement that their smartphones will continue to receive updates, Gizchina clarified.

“Huawei will continue to provide system updates and security patches. All Huawei phones pre-installed with Google Play can still use Play Store to download and update applications. Huawei phones without pre-installed Google Play can use AppGallery (Huawei’s own app store) to get apps and security updates, ”the company said.

In case the license does not continue and the operating systems are exposed, FayerWayer list some of the teams would be in trouble:

  • Huawei P20 (2018)
  • P20 Pro (2018)
  • P20 Lite (Nova 3e)
  • P Smart + (Nova 3i)
  • P Smart (2019)
  • P Smart Z (2019)
  • P30 (2019)
  • Mate 20 (2018)
  • Mate 20 Pro (2018)
  • Mate 20 Lite (2018)
  • Mate 20 X (2018)
  • Mate 20 Porsche RS (2018)

Despite the confusion generated by the inconveniences between the Chinese company and the United States, Huawei assures that it will continue to work with Android, but will no longer be a preferred partner of Google, as it was until now, and will be supported by the ‘Android Open Source Project’, the open source version of the Android system, which “offers the information and source code necessary to create custom interfaces”, highlighted Cnet.

Indeed, the firm assured him Cnet that “consumers will continue to receive system and service updates thanks to the strength of the open source community and the company’s research and development capabilities.”

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