Apple iPad (2020) in the test: is the entry-level tablet still up to date?


Touch ID and thick bezels – Apple continues to rely on the tried and tested for the cheapest iPad 10.2 “. Can the new edition still convince? We do the test.

Apple iPad (2020) im Test

Apple iPad (2020)

Editorial rating 8,5 Reader reviews

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Doesn’t have to hide behind his big brothers

The iPad (2020) is still not boring despite the design that has been the same for years. It offers enough power for everyday use, a great display and a long battery life. We would have been happy about more upgrades, but the entry-level tablet still offers a very good price-performance ratio. Back to the past? Not at all, the new iPad is still heading towards the future.

We liked that

  • Enough power for everyday life
  • Long battery life
  • Tolles Display
  • Good price-performance ratio

We didn’t like that

  • Display not laminated, no anti-reflective coating
  • No USB-C port
  • Stereo speakers only on one side

current news

  1. Design and processing

  2. Das Display

  3. More performance, otherwise everything is the same

  4. Colors, memory, prices, scope of delivery

  5. Who is the tablet suitable for?

  6. It’s nice that you still exist, old friend

  7. Conclusion

It’s been a long time since I held an iPad with Touch ID and those prominent edges of the screen. At the time, I bought the iPad (2018) and was actually very satisfied with the tablet. Actually – because only a few months later I sold the iPad and switched to the Pro version. On the one hand because of the borderless design and the now loved Face ID, on the other hand because of my iPad Air 2, which I owned a few years ago. But more on that later.

When I unpacked the new iPad (2020) it was like seeing an old friend again. It’s the original iPad, even if it’s not quite as bulky anymore. The frame is a bit slimmer than in the older semesters. And although I’ve been using my iPad Pro for a good two years now, the entry-level iPad doesn’t seem strange to me. Well, you have to make a few compromises – overall, I was still impressed by the new model, especially the price. But let’s start from scratch.

Design and processing

The iPad (2020) is basically the iPad from last year, at least from the outside. In 2019, Apple changed its cheapest model from 9.7 to 10.2 inches; the tablet has become minimally “borderless” – if you can call it that. The frame seems to me now rather old-fashioned, even if it still has fans. Here in the editorial office, colleagues are really impressed by the thick black bars. “If I hold the iPad sideways, at least I don’t cover anything on the screen with my hands,” they say.

Well, I don’t clutch my tablet like I do the steering wheel in a car, so that the heels of my hands cover the screen. So I didn’t have any handling problems with the iPad Pro either. Apart from that, as always, nothing can be criticized about the workmanship. The back is made of aluminum, the front is made of glass, no gaps, great.

Not only is the workmanship good, Apple also strives for a sustainable manufacturing process. The case of the iPad is made from 100 percent recycled aluminum, the solder on the circuit board is made from recycled tin. The device is already free of harmful substances and even the wood fibers used in the packaging come from sustainable forestry.

iPad (2020) in pictures

In this gallery we show you the new iPad (2020) in more detail.

Extremely positive: The rear camera is hardly the same as mine iPad Pro comparable, but at least it doesn’t protrude from the case. Nothing rocks here, the iPad lies like a board on the table. There are two stereo speakers on the bottom, and we also find the classic Lightning connector here. Why Apple sticks to this, when after the iPad Pro even the new one iPad Air relies on USB-C is incomprehensible.

On the top is a headphone jack, which has been deleted on the new Air, and anyway on the Pros. However, this could be due to the target group: pupils, students, schools and universities. Since 2018, the iPad has been able to use the Apple Pencil (1st generation) can also be used with the Smart Keyboard thanks to the Smart Connector. What is still missing from the iPad are speakers on both sides. I am used to this from both the iPad and the iPhone and I want to do this when listening to music, Netflixen or anything else.

What I also don’t like anymore is the physical home button that you have to press in. In the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 I had problems with this after a while. I prefer the purely digital version of the home button, which was installed from the iPhone 7 onwards. Overall, however, the iPad 10.2 “is flawless. Workmanship, ergonomics and mobility speak for themselves.

Das Display

In terms of quality, I can’t say anything negative about the screen quality of the iPad. Great colors, great contrast – whether film, game or for surfing and working, it all looks very good. The difference to the iPad Pro is only clearly noticeable in a bright environment.

The iPad (2020) also does without an anti-reflective coating. In daylight or in direct sunlight it reflects quite strongly. This can be counteracted by increasing the brightness. However, this also has its limits. The iPad Pro’s display is also a bit brighter.

The entry-level tablet also does without True Tone as well as the increased color space. But that doesn’t really bother me at all. As I said, the display itself is great, the resolution of 2,160 x 1,620 pixels sharp enough. Why did I switch from the “normal” iPad to the Pro anyway and why is that related to the iPad Air 2?

Hide HomeScreen and Apps

Photo gallery

iOS 14 and iPadOS: These are the new features

iOS 14 and iPadOS: These are the new features

The iPad Air 2 and the new, higher-priced models rely on a fully laminated display. The screen glass and the LED display behind it form a unit. This has not been the case with the entry-level iPad since 2017. There is basically a gap between the glass and the display.

You don’t really notice it, but you can hear it. It sounds pretty hollow when you tap with your finger or Apple Pencil. If you don’t know the difference, you probably won’t notice. I know him and it actually bothered me, especially with the pencil there is a clear “tock” sound.

More performance, otherwise everything is the same

What has always been out of the question for me is the tablet’s performance. Even the “simple” iPad never reached its limits in everyday life. Well, I don’t edit or produce videos, I have just rudimentary image editing skills and actually only use my tablet for the following: surfing, gaming, consuming media, digital writing pad. Therefore, I never had problems, stuttering or anything else even with the iPad from 2018.

The 2020 model now relies on the A12 Bionic Chip, which we take from the iPhone XR or iPad mini (2019) know. He has enough power for school, studies or the sofa at home. Not just the performance, that too Augmented Reality Skills The tablet should be slightly better than its predecessor thanks to the new chip. From that point on, nothing has actually changed in the 2020 version.

Batteries, cameras, Bluetooth and Co. – we know all of this from last year’s model. That’s not a problem either, only a slightly better camera would be desirable, especially if the tablet is used Video telephony via FaceTime and Co. should be used. The battery life, however, is great. You can surf the web with the tablet for up to 10 hours before it wants to be plugged in again.

Colors, memory, prices, scope of delivery

As usual, the iPad is available in silver, space gray and gold. It is available with 32 gigabytes of storage from 369.40 euros and with 128 gigabytes from 466.90 euros – but then in the pure WLAN version. If you don’t want to do without a mobile network connection, you have to spend around 135 euros more.

In addition to the iPad, you will receive from Apple of course, the matching Lightning cable for charging or connecting to a computer. This is a Lightning-to-USB-C cable. Also included is a USB-C power supply with 20 watts.

Who is the tablet suitable for?

First of all: You shouldn’t compare the iPad with a 100 Euro Android tablet. Of course, that’s a lot cheaper. And of course, around 370 euros for the cheapest model is still a lot of money. However, to be fair, you have to say that you get really good quality and long update support. The batteries in the iPads also last a long time and still look good even after a few years of use.

I see the iPad on the one hand with schoolchildren and students, but also on everyone else. If you want to surf the web on the sofa at home or watch a movie next to your bed. Anyone who has a long journey ahead of them on the train or for those who are new to the Internet.

A tablet is much easier to use than a computer and from my own experience I can say: Even older people, who up to now could not turn on a PC and always needed help, discover the magic of YouTube and Google. The tablet is embraced like a valuable treasure during the afternoon nap.

It’s nice that you still exist, old friend

I have to admit, I will probably not switch back to the regular iPad as I got used to the borderless display, Face ID and the four speakers. Still, I see the potential of the iPad. If you can make a few compromises, you get a really great tablet for your money. Before I go back to reminiscing, I carefully stow the iPad back in the box. Take care old friend, nice that you are still around.

Apple iPad (2020)

Apple iPad (2020)

Editorial rating 8,5 Reader reviews

11 ratings

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