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Does the country need new Beats headphones? The Beats Solo Pro Bluetooth headphones want to score points in the test with noise canceling, good sound and great wearing comfort, and they also want to be “simply stylish”. It is particularly stylish in the red we have seen. But the rest?

Beats Solo Pro im Test

Beats Solo Pro

Editorial rating 8,2 Reader reviews

5 reviews

Comfort and workmanship


The ladies, the gentlemen – the beats

We liked the Beats Solo Pro pretty much in the test. The noise cancellation is convincing, as is the sound. We advise you to check before buying that the on-ear headphones are not sitting too tightly on your head. Ladies and gentlemen – more courage to use color! But you won’t go wrong with these headphones in white, gray and black either.

We liked that

  • Very good ANC
  • Well balanced sound
  • Easy handling

We didn’t like that

  • (Too) tight fit
  • Maximum volume could be louder

The best noise canceling headphones

We test ANC headphones with noise canceling for you at regular intervals. The results flow together in this comparison test / in this list of the best. You can also find the current test winner here.

»For a detailed comparison of the noise-canceling headphones

  1. That’s how good the ANC is

  2. Fit

  3. Sound test

  4. service

  5. We also noticed that

  6. Conclusion & alternatives

What a fantastic red. I can’t remember ever starting a headphone test report with the case color, I really did loads of headphones tested for netzwelt. We’ll jump straight to the sound and the ANC (Active Noise Canceling). Just two more sentences about the available colors.

The Beats Pro is also available in black, gray and white. Colors with which you can drown in the morning commuter soup among all the other average Germans and swim along well. Our red model is part of the “More Matte Collection”, which in addition to this red, which reminds us of Apple’s (Product) RED, also includes light blue and dark blue. Pharrell Williams had a hand in this.

That’s how good the ANC is

The Solo Pro are the first Beats headphones with in-house Pure ANC technology. The manufacturer acquired by Apple understands this as a suppression of background noise derived from the Beats Studio 3 Wireless and adapted to the on-ear form factor. Interesting: The technology should permanently adapt the ANC to the circumstances and even detect and compensate for unevenness in the fit, for example hair or earrings between the auricles. That raises expectations. I wear short-haired-well-is-that-another-hairstyle-or-already-bald and have no earrings, but a lot of experience with ANC systems. And very unconventional test methods, I would like to introduce one to you now.

Together with our current one Test winner in noise canceling, the Sony WH-1000XM3, I stand at a fixed distance in front of the switched-on microwave in the editorial kitchen. Above all, ANC headphones are able to eliminate uniform noises, such as the roar of aircraft turbines or the engine noise of a train, using anti-noise. Voices, children’s screams and the “I want to put my food in there now” colleague continue to reach the ear, albeit subdued. Since the management is currently on the way with the company jet and the company ICE, the microwave has to serve, which is also constantly rustling and has proven itself in previous tests. We’re lucky today, because the dishwasher is also running and contributing a concise Rattattattta.

First the well-known Sony headphones: When the ANC is switched on, we can hardly hear the microwave. On the other hand, we can still hear the arrhythmic movement of the dishwasher propeller, which is apparently grinding somewhere, quite clearly.

Now the current test device, the Beats Solo Pro. The ANC turns on automatically. You can deactivate it using a button on the side and use the transparency mode. Then the microphones open and pass on ambient noise. That works, but is not implemented as naturally as with the AirPods Pro from Applewho have mastered this discipline.

The on-ear headphones are very tight.  You'd better try them out beforehand.

The on-ear headphones are very tight. You’d better try them out beforehand. (Source: netzwelt)

The Beats headphones do almost as well as the Sony at eliminating microwave noise. Subjectively, I now hear less from the dishwasher propeller. Do I have the new ANC test winner on my ears? Anyway, I’m surprised for now.

In the further course of the test, the Beats Solo Pro including a flight to Munich to pick up the MacBook Pro 16 the impression is confirmed: The ANC of the Beats headphones is really top, but not only has something to do with electronic tricks.


As on-ear headphones, the Beats Solo Pro shield a lot of noise via the ear pad. This is called passive filtering. Sony over-ear headphones cannot fall back on this “trick”. Unfortunately, you buy the quiet with the Beats Solo Pro by a fairly tight fit. The pressure on the ears is comparatively high. Not only do I feel that way. My colleagues, some of whom wear glasses, also confirm the tight fit. Some people think it’s great, others wave them down with thanks. The same goes for the red, by the way, which I haven’t talked about in a really long time …

With a weight of 267 grams, the test headphones are not lightweight. I can wear the AirPods Pro and the Sonys all day long without feeling cramped. It’s different with the Beats Solo Pro, after about half an hour I have to take a break and take it off.

Sound test

“Rap God” by Eminem. There is this prejudice. Beats headphones are too bass-heavy, they are too fat. Audiophiles turn up their noses. I want to check that with Rap God. The bass actually kicks in at the beginning of the song, but not too exaggerated in my ears. This is also confirmed by Deichkind’s “things”.

The Beats Solo Pro can be folded up for transport.  They switch off by themselves.

The Beats Solo Pro can be folded up for transport. They switch off by themselves. (Source: netzwelt)

Björk’s “Oh so quiet”, on the other hand, was clearer and more spatial on my ears. Here the listening impression matches the tight fit of the beats. Instead of feeling like in a concert hall, I feel like I’m in Björk’s living room. The rents in Iceland are high, so she just had to pack all the brass instruments into one corner of the small room. But anyone looking for excessive attention to detail with bright red Beats headphones also believes that the AirPods Pro were made for professional musicians. The bottom line is that the Beats Solo Pro sound good, they don’t allow themselves any serious weaknesses. That’s how it is.


In this discipline, the Beats Solo Pro headphones are convincing across the board. IPhone users in particular will be delighted. Thanks to Apple’s H1 chip, you only need to unfold the Bluetooth headphones. Then they switch on automatically and the message of the successful pairing process pops up on the iPhone, just like with the AirPods. You don’t have to do anything else.

I am really grateful for the operation via push buttons on the right auricle. The entire surface can be physically indented, you control the volume, play / pause and the title jump by physical pressure. Why sensor buttons? This is how it works just as well. I even think: better.

We also noticed that

  • On iOS you can send the “Hey Siri” command.
  • Under Android you have to hold the function key to call up the Assistant.
  • The manufacturer specifies the battery life with up to 22 hours. We didn’t check that.
  • In power-saving mode (ANC and transparency mode deactivated), the battery life should increase to 40 hours.
  • Charging is via USB Type C. There is a quick charge mode: ten minutes of charging equals three hours of playback time.
  • A fabric case and a carabiner are included in delivery.

Beats Solo Pro

Beats Solo Pro

Editorial rating 8,2 Reader reviews

5 reviews

Comfort and workmanship


Beats Solo Pro: the best alternatives

Don’t you agree? Are you looking for suitable alternatives? Below are the best Beats Solo Pro alternatives.

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Beats Solo Pro: data sheet

Here you can find the technical data for Beats Solo Pro. You can easily compare size, weight and other properties with other products.

Weight 267 grams
Design On-Ear
Bluetooth And
Operation on the headphones And
Wired remote control not applicable
Battery life 22/40 hours
Ladecase not applicable
AptX No

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