Huawei responds to UK decision on 5G

As of December 31 this year, all UK carriers will be banned from purchasing Huawei devices and will need to ensure that by 2027 all the company’s equipment will be removed from their networks.

This determination is the result of the sanctions that United States imposed on the Chinese company in May so that it could not make or acquire “semiconductor chips using American-made technology,” CNN pointed out.

Faced with the decision, Huawei said in a statement sent to the media that it is “bad news for any mobile phone user in the UK” because the development of England will be disadvantaged and the country will be harmed by factors such as “slowing down digital development, increase telecommunications expenses for users and widen the digital divide ”.

Consequently, the company invited the UK to reconsider the decision.

“We are confident that the new measures taken by the United States will not affect our resilience, nor the safety of the products supplied to Great Britain,” he urges.

In addition, the company regretted that its future in the British territory has been “politicized” and is determined by the trade policies of the North American country, but not by security issues.

In the statement, Huawei also assured that it has helped the evolution of connectivity in the United Kingdom in the last 20 years and that it will continue to support its customers “as it always has.”

In this sense, the company is going to analyze very well the background of the decision that the British country took today. “We will work with the Government of the United Kingdom to analyze how we can continue to contribute to making this country better connected,” Huawei highlighted in the report.

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