Huawei will run out of its cell phone chips from September

The technology company has not had access to US vendors since May 15, the last day they accepted orders, because they represent a threat to national security, according to the White House position. quoted by Gizmodo.

Although they are the engineers of Huawei Those who design the Kirin processor, the most advanced of the company, the contractors depend on American technology for the production of their chips, added the aforementioned portal.

So things, Richard Yu, president of the company’s consumer unit, said that “this year may be the last generation of high-end Huawei Kirin chips,” which translates into “a very big loss” for the brand, the media noted. in your post.

In that vein, the company will run out of “chips or supply,” according to Yu, and overall sales of smartphones will fall below the 240 million devices sold in 2019, the portal said.

This is the result of a trade prohibition measure that the United States imposed on Huawei in May of last year, and which was hardened in May of this year when it was announced that processor manufacturers must have a license to supply chips to the Chinese company reported Cnet.

This is an amended export rule that prevents foreign chip producers using US technology from shipping their products to the Chinese company, unless they are licensed by the Trump administration. explicó The Verge.

Therefore, the Mate 40, which will hit the market in a few months, will be the last team of the brand that has its own processor, highlighted Cnet.

As a result, Qualcomm came out to ask the US government to ease sanctions against Huawei and let it sell its chips to the company for use in its 5G cell phones, Gizmodo said.

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