What does Xiaomi mean and how do you pronounce it?


The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi is also becoming more and more popular in Germany. We’ll tell you what Xiaomi means and how to pronounce it correctly.

The Xiaomi logo.

The Xiaomi logo.

The word Xiaomi is different from about LG or HTC none abbreviation. Who the Chinese characters for Xiaomi inputs into an online translator, the response is “millet”. Translated individually, the characters mean “small” and “rice”. Similar to “Apple”, the company name is derived from a food product.

Origin of the name

For Xiaomi founder Lei Jun, the name also symbolizes the corporate culture. The eye for the little things, for the details is important at Xiaomi. At the same time, the name also reflects the rise of the brand. A small grain becomes a technology giant, so to speak.


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Like the online magazine Gizchina reported, in addition to Xiaomi, other names such as “Red Star”, “Red Pepper” and “Black Rice” were also available, but they did not receive a majority in the original team.

This is how you pronounce Xiaomi correctly

Words with “X” at the beginning of a sentence are rare in German. The pronunciation of corresponding terms therefore often presents us with problems. In fact, it’s very light, that’s how Xiaomi is pronounced like “Schaumi”.

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In cooperation with the comedian Benaissa Lamroubal, the mobile operator O2 has produced a catchy tune that will teach you how to pronounce Xiaomi. Just listen to it.

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