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With the iPhone 6, Apple is not changing everything, but a lot. The screen grows again, to the dimensions of the competing models. In addition, the manufacturer integrates an NFC chip and allows developers with iOS 8 to intervene more deeply in the system. However, the test shows that Apple has made little changes to the success of the iPhone.

Apple iPhone 6 im Test

Apple iPhone 6

Editorial rating 7,6 Reader reviews

67 ratings

Design and processing


Equipment and operation


Camera and multimedia


Bigger but still handy

Despite the larger screen diagonal, the iPhone 6’s usability and handiness have not suffered. Like its predecessor, it also meets the highest demands, regardless of whether it is about camera, processor or voice quality. Apple should only work on the battery life.

We liked that

  • thin and light
  • very good voice quality
  • very good camera
  • powerful processor
  • handy format
  • sharp display

We didn’t like that

  • mediocre battery life
  • non-expandable memory
  • Nano-SIM

current news

A new operating system version is available for the Apple iPhone 6

Apple released a major update for iPhones and iPads with iOS 14.2. 100 new emojis and numerous new features are waiting for you.

Currently available version: Apple iOS 14.2

Larger screen, faster processor, better camera – these three innovations have so far been offered by every successor to a successful smartphone. So almost everyone. Except for the iPhone. It was always small and compact. This also enabled the minimal increase in the screen diagonal from 3.5 to 4 inches in the iPhone 5 nothing will change in 2012.

But that’s over now. Be it due to a lack of ideas or the demands of influential investors, in 2014 the iPhone has grown too. With a screen diagonal of 4.7 inches, the iPhone 6 looks tiny compared to the even larger Plus model, compared to the iPhone 5s but it is a huge leap (see media gallery).

iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPhone 5s in size comparison

iPhone generations in size comparison

If you liked the compact form factor of the predecessor, you will still prefer the iPhone 6 than the phablet model iPhone 6 Plus can befriend. Because Apple has invested a lot to support the Steve Jobs to ensure the propagated one-hand operation even with the new form factor.

With 6.9 millimeters and a weight of 129 grams, the iPhone 6 thin and light. It disappears in your pocket and is only noticeable there if a call triggers the vibration alarm. In contrast to the Plus model, Apple has placed the hard keys correctly on the case. The on / off switch and volume control can be reached with thumb and forefinger without twisting or reaching around, as can 75 percent of the screen area.

If an icon is outside of the reachable area, a double swipe of the finger over the home button is sufficient and Apple briefly displays the screen content in the usual 4-inch format. With the iPhone, however, you will seldom get embarrassed, with your fingers up to wander to the last corner of the screen. For example, the control center is called up by swiping your finger from the lower edge of the screen and not from the upper edge of the screen, as is the case with Android.

The screen itself only offers HD resolution. However, users are unlikely to notice any difference to the full HD screens of the competition. Bright, sharp, saturated colors – everything you are used to from the Retina display of the predecessor is also offered by the larger screen. Unfortunately, he is very reflective.

So much for the screen. What about the rest of the equipment on the iPhone 6? There is news here too. Apple is now installing an NFC chip. For the time being, however, it is useless in Germany. Because developers have no access to the technology. The chip is only for processing payment transactions via Apple Pay intended. The payment service will start in October – but only in the USA for the time being.

Apple is becoming more open

A bigger screen and NFC aren’t the only U-turns in Apple’s iPhone philosophy. The new operating system iOS 8 delivers rather few innovations for users. However, it is significantly more open than previous Apple operating systems. Developers now also have access to:

This enables new types of apps, but also puts users in the dilemma of having to take care of their data themselves. Keyword: alternative keyboards and full access.

Apple has opened the Touch ID fingerprint scanner for developers. Nothing has changed in terms of the essential functionality. The scanner still offers good protection in everyday life, but the Fort Knox also comes with a Touch ID protected iPhone 6 not. In addition, Touch ID does not recognize wet or slightly dirty fingers, even with the new Apple smartphone.

Things that apparently never change at Apple

Even if the seventh iPhone generation is a taboo break in many ways, Apple has not cut off all the old braids:

The corporate philosophy also means that the memory cannot be expanded. So you have to estimate how much device memory you will need before buying. The iPhone 6 is available with 16, 64 and 128 gigabytes. There is no longer a 32 gigabyte model. Below you will find an overview of how much storage space is available to you with the respective variants ex works.

variant available space
16 Gigabyte 11,8 Gigabyte
64 Gigabyte 51,4 Gigabyte
128 Gigabyte 114,4 Gigabyte

iPhone 6 models: overview of available storage space

Buying the 16 gigabyte version is not recommended. The memory is filled quickly here. Four to five games of the caliber FIFA 15, some music and photos and the iPhone 6 is full. As usual, the surcharge from one memory variant to the next is steep. Apple charges 100 euros more for the jump to the next higher storage capacity. For this you get 48 or 64 gigabytes more device memory. For comparison: For the same price, you get a microSD card with 128 gigabytes of storage space.

As with all previous models, the battery of the iPhone 6 is permanently installed and cannot be changed. Otherwise Apple could not achieve the small depth of 6.9 millimeters. Cupertino traditionally does not provide any information on the capacity of the installed battery.

iPhone: Finding Hidden and Overlooked Features
Tips and tricks for your Apple devices

The iPhone operating system iOS offers numerous functions that are easily overlooked or not immediately accessible to everyone. In this tutorial we will show you some tips and tricks for your iPhone or iPad that not everyone knows.

The repair service iFixit disassembled the smartphone and read the value directly from the battery. The iPhone 6 offers a measly 1,810 mAh. As a rule, the Apple smartphone therefore has to be plugged in again after a day and a half at the latest. It has to stay here for a little over two hours before it is recharged. An average value. The iPhone 6 cannot be charged wirelessly without third-party accessories.

You won’t find a quad or even an octa-core processor in the iPhone 6. Instead of “the latest and greatest in hardware” as the US American would say, the iPhone 6 offers hardware that is well matched to the software. The data on the new Apple A8 chip may not tear techies off their feet, but the performance of the chipset is still impressive.

You can find a detailed benchmark comparison between the iPhone 6, the iPhone 5s and the HTC One (M8) and the Samsung Galaxy S5 here.

iPhone 6 im Unboxing

Apple iPhone 6 unpacked

Apple is also not turning the camera’s megapixel number. Why should it? The Apple smartphone has been one of the best photo cell phones for years. Apple has optimized the auto focus in the seventh generation. You can find out how the new Focus Pixel technology performs in everyday life here.

As usual with previous iPhone models, the voice quality is good. Voices don’t sound entirely natural, however, they sound muffled.

Furthermore, the iPhone 6 also has a few minor quirks that annoyed netzwelt with its predecessor models:

  • In order to use the iPhone for the first time, activation with a SIM card is still required. Why will remain Cupertino’s secret, because once activated, the iPhone can be used without a SIM if desired. Sure, a mobile phone is rarely used without a SIM, but the lock prevents users from setting up their new iPhone while they are waiting for their nano-SIM, for example.
  • The Apple smartphone still lacks a notification LED. Too bad. It could be easily integrated into the ring around the home button. LG is showing the way with its L series.
  • The metal housing of the smartphone looks classy. However, after a short period of use it turns out to be slippery and prone to scratches. Problems that users of an iPhone 5 or 5s are already familiar with.


Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6

Editorial rating 7,6 Reader reviews

67 ratings

Design and processing


Equipment and operation


Camera and multimedia


Apple iPhone 6: the best alternatives

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