Apple Watch 5 falling in price: The smartwatch is getting cheaper


The Apple Watch Series 5 is now much cheaper than at the start of the market. We’ll show you the currently best offers.

iPhone users can hardly avoid an Apple Watch. The is particularly popular Apple Watch Series 5. You can now buy these at particularly low prices thanks to the drop in prices.

In the overview, we will tell you where the various models of the Apple Watch Series 5 are currently available at the best price.

Currently, the offers for the Apple Watch 5 are very mixed. With some of the offers you can save around 50 – 80 euros compared to the successor. If you have decided on a model of the Apple Watch 5, we still advise you to make a price comparison with the Apple Watch 6. If you save less than 50 euros, we would advise you to buy the new model, simply because you will be provided with updates for longer and the new version offers some new functions.

Differences between the models

The Apple Watch 5 is currently around 30 to 40 euros more expensive than the Apple Watch SE in the smallest configuration. However, there are also significant differences between the two models. The Apple Watch 5 offers an always-on display and an ECG function. You have to do without these at the SE.

Compared to the Apple Watch 6, the new sensor for measuring the oxygen content in the blood is missing, as is the U1 chip, which is used to locate the soon-to-come, among other things AirTags. In addition, the Apple Watch 6 supports WiFi networks with 5 gigahertz and comes in new color variants. The Apple Watch 5 does not offer this.

When buying the Apple Watch 5, you should decide whether you can do without the new functions of the Series 6. You should also consider whether you need the always-on display and the EKG function. If not, you will travel cheaper with the Apple Watch SE. The main differences between Apple Watch SE, Series 6 und Series 3 we show you in the linked article.

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We’ll tell you whether and how much you really save on the alleged bargain and whether it is worth buying the device. Current deals can be found in our section “bargain“. In order not to miss a deal, you can also subscribe to our bargain newsletter.

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