LinkedIn will help businesses build community about their products

The Internet has changed the procedure for acquiring many types of products, where currently the experiences and evaluations of other users are usually considered, and the advice of experts, among other factors, when deciding on one product or another in many types of products.

For years we have seen how different brands and specific products have been conquering a variety of users, forming their respective communities on the Internet, where they can contribute experiences, exchange information, answer questions from other potential stakeholders, among other social interactions related to them.

Connecting industrial products with professional clients

Now the professional social network LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, wants to help businesses highlight their industrial products to the rest of the professional users of the LinkedIn community, made up of more than 722 million professionals.

For this they are starting to launch product pages, which will be available in a new dedicated tab, called Products, within the pages that businesses have on this platform.

The businesses themselves will be able to incorporate their own products into their portfolio, generating their corresponding pages and accompanying them with images, videos, descriptions, and other elements, waiting for the first interested parties to start arriving to start participation based on them.

Boosting interest with communities

Businesses will have the ability to establish specific professional roles in their products to ensure their proper connection with the most suitable professional users.

The idea, as we already know, is that businesses can make their industrial products more relevant by empowering themselves through their respective communities of enthusiasts and professionals, raising interest in them among potential customers that may appear along the way.

To this we must add that these pages will have call-to-action buttons that will allow, for example, to request demonstrations or establish contact requests.

According to LinkedIn, there are currently more than 10,000 pages of B2B software products, promising to cover more industries over the next year, so within the logic of the platform, the existence of product pages may make sense. , although instead of being diverse products designed for the end consumer, they are industrial-level products that seek to reach specific professional customers.

Those interested in learning more about product pages can learn more about it on LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions site.

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