realme 7i, the new from realme, with 6000 mAh battery, quad camera and only 150 euros

realme, has managed to become the seventh smartphone brand in the world in a very short time, and that has been achieved thanks to mobiles with a truly amazing quality-price ratio.

In 2019, the global sales of realme smartphones reached 25 million with an annual growth rate of 808%, present in 61 markets around the world, including China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, Russia, Australia, the East. Middle and Africa, with a global user base of more than 50 million.

Realme 7i

realme 7i
This year we have already seen several excellent quality models of this brand, and now we present the new one, the realme 7i, a mobile that opens in Spain for a really surprising price: 159 euros. In other countries it will be released tomorrow, but in addition, in Spain we have a launch offer during its first 48 hours after it goes on sale. December 21 and 22 on the realme website It will be for 149 euros. As of December 23, it returns to 159 euros.

In summary, before going into detail, we can say that its high capacity battery stands out, with 6000 mAh, to which is added a MediaTek Helio G85 processor, recognized for offering perfect gaming performance and a 48MP triple camera. They are 4 GB of RAM and 64 of space.

Realme 7i design

I show it to you on video first:

The realme 7i design uses special texturing techniques to achieve a premium touch and feel on the back of the phone, with a visual effect that changes with light. Nothing to keep the mark marked on the back.

Equipped with a 6.5-inch 20: 9 screen, realme 7i offers a larger field of view, with a full screen thanks to the fact that they manage to reduce the space of the selfie camera quite a bit.

The realme 7i battery

After having used it intensively for 24 hours (even playing video at night), the realme 7i has surprised me. Its 6000mAh battery allows that with a single charge you can talk for 43 hours straight, listen to 1,200 songs or watch 18 movies.

It has 18W fast charging with USB type C, in just half an hour it can be charged up to 29%. It is not surprising if we see it globally, but if we take into account its battery, 30% of its capacity is enough.

Quick Freeze can intelligently freeze less frequently used apps to inactivate power usage of background apps. Screen battery optimization will slightly reduce some unannounced screen effects to increase battery life.

It has a super power saving mode. In this mode, we will be allowed to select 6 most used apps to stay active and achieve extremely long battery life. At the same time, the phone will activate a more aggressive energy saving strategy.

A cheap mobile that serves to play

It comes with the MediaTek Helio G85 gaming processor and the Mali-G52 GPU, allowing you to play without lag or errors. In addition, this powerful processor increases the realme 7i’s ranking to more than 200,000 points, improving its overall performance.

Realme 7i camera

realme 7i camera

realme 7i upgrades to quad camera:

48MP main camera: 48MP sensor, f / 1.8 large aperture and 6P lens. It implements Quad Bayer’s 4-in-1 smart pixel grouping mechanism that combines four adjacent pixels into one large pixel, improving the resolution and quality of images taken even in low-light environments and obtaining a sensational range of rich detail. We’ll see it later with low-light photo examples.

8MP ultra wide angle lens– Wide-angle camera with 8MP pixel, f / 2.25 aperture and 119 ° ultra-wide field of view, which can capture a wider view. When taking photos of landscapes, buildings, multi-person group photos, and other distant scenes, we don’t need to step back.

Macro lens: The ultra macro lens allows users to get up close and discover the beauty of the micro world with the 4 cm shooting distance.

Night landscape mode: it is the best night mobile in this segment. The night landscape mode algorithm would take multiple photos with different exposures and then combine them into one shot collecting the best parts of each photo. As a result of the night landscape mode, the night shot would be much brighter and clearer, as seen in the example below.

– 8MP Selfie Camera: It has AI beautification function, HDR mode, portrait mode, and a Panoselfie function that can help take wider selfies.

Night photos with the realme 7i

In this Instagram post (click here) you can see some photos with low light in the street taken with the realme 7i, photos that I leave here so that you can appreciate their quality.

Photo with realme 7i

Photo with realme 7i

Photo with realme 7i

Photo with realme 7i

Photo with realme 7i
Night mode

Photo with realme 7i
Portrait mode

Photo with realme 7i


Although for the price it may seem like an entry range, it could perfectly position itself in the mid-range. The photos are very very decent, the battery is spectacular and the design is quite robust.

Although in the 3DMARK test it did not come out very well when applying the intense graphics performance test in a short time, we have not had any problems when it comes to playing games of all kinds. In fact, it shows that it is above 40% of other mobiles in graphics performance.

realme 7i performance

Without a doubt, a winner for this Christmas.

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