A project management platform that helps you prioritize tasks

New collaborative web-based tools for work teams are constantly coming in, generally offering similar capabilities and functionalities, but at Plectica, a New York software development company founded in 2016, they are quite clear that there is always the possibility of offering something. different from what the vast majority of them offer in their respective fields.

And for this, it demonstrates it again with the launch, in beta phase, of Subtask, its new project management tool, being its fourth product to reach the market. In this sense, it is aimed especially at workers of small and medium-sized companies, instead of managers of large companies, offering a simple and intuitive interface, where in addition to allowing the creation, assignment and monitoring of tasks in each project, like many other tools , from Subtask they offer an interesting function called «value-effort priority matrix».

Investing efforts where it matters most

It is a function in which the tool itself tries to guide workers on those chores on which they must begin to work in relation to the results that they will obtain immediately based on the minimum effort to invest in them.

In this sense, workers must place the tasks in the corresponding quadrants, according to the characteristics of the projects, and the function itself will begin to carry out the corresponding classifications, initially placing the tasks of low effort / high value.

In addition, this function also has the ability to alert workers when linking each task as low effort / high value, with the objective that workers rethink their task prioritization schemes.

Subtask also hosts different view modes and different types of charts that help to better organize the work of each ongoing project.

For now, no native mobile apps or expansion possibilities

On the negative side, Subtask does not yet have native mobile applications, despite the fact that its web version is compatible with mobile browsers, and with limited integrations to Google Calendar, Slack and email, compared to different rivals and the enormous possibilities of feature expansion with corresponding third-party integrations.

Subtask is a new tool that comes under the philosophy freemium, offering a first rate plan at zero cost, which allows working in up to ten panels, while offering a rate plan of $ 10 per user and month without limitations of panels, cards, in addition to many other features.

For their part, large organizations may have a personalized pricing plan.

In a year where the pandemic has promoted remote work, the sector of collaborative tools in the cloud is currently experiencing its best moment given the growing demand for their use.

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