AirPods Max: Apple headphones contain “dangerous materials” according to UPS – delivery stopped


The AirPods Max from Apple are currently difficult to get, the delivery times are long. All the more annoying when the parcel service refuses to deliver because Apple has apparently mislabelled the parcels.

The AirPods Max are popular, despite a price of 600 euros.

The AirPods Max are popular, despite a price of 600 euros. (Source: Netzwelt)

  • In Canada, AirPods Max buyers are amazed at a strange UPS notice.
  • Due to “dangerous materials”, the parcel service refused to deliver the Apple headphones and sent them back to the sender.

Will Apple AirPods Max ordered in Germany now, must be on eternally long delivery times to adjust. All the more annoying the idea when after the joy of the dispatch notification the disillusionment immediately follows: Aborted dispatch, back to the sender.

This is the scenario that AirPods Max buyers in Canada and the United States experienced. Like the magazine Phonearena reported, they received a message from the shipping company UPS that the Apple package contained hazardous materials that were not correctly specified. The original text of the message is:

A hazardous materials irregularity occurred with this package. We’ll contact sender with additional information./ The package will be returned to


For some time it was unclear what was behind this story. In the meantime, the parcel service has responded with a statement on the matter and clarified:

Packages containing Apple AirPods Max were not properly labeled. For safety reasons and to protect our employees, all packages that contain potentially dangerous substances must meet certain guidelines. We will investigate and ensure correct labeling.


The potentially dangerous substances include lithium-ion batteries that are built into the AirPods Max. Apple may have forgotten to put this notice on the packages.

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