Cloudflare Pages is the new Cloudflare for JAMstack web hosting and deployment

Cloudflare increases its offer of services on the Internet with the launch of Cloudflare Pages, for hosting web pages based on the emerging JAMstack web architecture, which allows users to create and disseminate web sites on a large scale through a series of development frameworks, enabling the deployment of web sites and their corresponding updates of fairly fast, cheap and secure way in the form of cached static web pages.

For this, Cloudflare will take advantage of its vast network of servers that it has distributed around the world to offer its new service, being its main and great advantage over its new rivals such as Netlify and Vercel, which have been offering a similar service for some time.

The new JAMstack page hosting offer

In this way, those responsible for the websites will not need any type of back-end to make modifications and updates to the contents of the websites that they already have on the Internet, only needing to directly modify the front-end, enabling the redesign of their entire interface in each new update they carry out.

But if static versions of websites are generally stored, this does not mean that all elements must always be static.

In this sense, if they work with third-party implementations, such as the APIs of the payment gateways, for example, these elements will be dynamically loaded from the servers of their corresponding services to the users’ web browsers.

JAMstack it is compatible with development frameworks such as Vue.js, Gatsby, Jekyll or Hugo, among others.

Additionally, Cloudflare Pages is compatible with repository platforms. GitHub and GitLab, so that if the web page projects are hosted in them, the new versions introduced will be quickly disseminated on the Internet automatically.

This feature also opens the doors to collaborations with third parties. Once the modifications have been made, a preview will be offered with its own url to be able to establish the corresponding confirmation for its deployment on the Internet.

Cloudflare will take advantage of its main advantage to offer generous hosting plans, the first of which is free, where there will be no limitations in terms of bandwidth consumption or the number of requests or the number of sites to publish, although yes in the number of launches, allowing one launch at a time and a maximum of 500 launches per month.

For now, it will allow the arrival of a thousand people a day to its new service until next January, when it will begin to be publicly available.

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