Facebook will introduce a feature for us to pay celebrities to interact with us

Facebook is building a new video product that will allow people to pay content creators or celebrities for the opportunity to interact with them during a live broadcast.

Even its name, Super, is known and will allow creators, entrepreneurs or celebrities to organize interactive live video events.

The idea is that viewers can give creators money by buying them digital gifts or pay to appear alongside a creator during the live stream to ask a question or take a selfie.

That is, if a singer does a live concert, we can pay him during the transmission so that our digital version appears next to him and we can ask him any questions.

At the moment the product not publicly announced, but the information has already been leaked along with some features, such as that creators will also be able to sell merchandise or other products along with the live broadcast.

Super is being developed within Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team, and a Facebook spokesperson has commented that it is already being used internally.

The idea is not new, Cameo, an app that allows people to pay celebrities to send a personalized video message to a friend or family member, was valued at 300 million in mid-2019, according to Axios. On Monday, Facebook released an update of Collab, an app he launched in May for musicians to collaborate with fans on their music.

Whether Super will be released as a standalone app or integrated into an existing Facebook product is not yet known, but it surely won’t take long to find out. We’ll be alert.

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