How to put Grogu – Baby Yoda in your living room with Augmented Reality, step by step

For months Google has been including a large number of animals, fictional characters and objects of various kinds in its Augmented Reality application on mobile phones. Thanks to this technology we can focus on a part of our house and make almost anything appear there, from a giraffe to a cell, passing through a Mandalorian or, as we can see now, Baby Yoda, the dear Grogu.

To be able to see Grogu in Augmented Reality we just have to follow our steps. The result will be similar to the one we have published on our instagram or in our tiktok:


baby Yoda in Augmented Reality! Welcome Grogu! #mandalorian

♬ The Mandalorian – Star Wars Theme – Arato

How to see Grogu in Augmented Reality

To do so, you just have to:

– Open the Google search engine from the mobile
– Find Baby Yoda or Grogu
– Scroll down a bit until you see the section «View in 3D»

Yellow 3D
– Press the button and verify that it looks good from the mobile
– Click on “See in your space”
Yellow 3D
– Focus on the part of our house (or on the street) where we want to see Baby Yoda.
– Wait for the result and adjust position and size with your fingers.

Once viewed, we can take photos or, keeping the photo button pressed, record a video like the one you see on the @wwwhatsnew networks

What mobiles does it work on

To be able to use the Augmented Reality tool it is necessary that the mobile is compatible with ARCore. Fortunately, the list of devices is very extensive, it includes both Android and iOS, and Google keeps it updated in this link.

What other things can I see in 3D

A few days ago Google added 50 more animals to your collection. If you search for Shark, for example, you will have a list of recommended animals below the result, including several different breeds of dogs.

It is also possible to see cells and a Mandalorian (only for 5G mobiles). Practically every week there are news.

They also include art. You can see the complete collection in this link.

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