It is now possible to consult the mobility restrictions on the website of the Ministry of Health

As we already know, these Christmases will not be just any Christmas, since they will be marked by a series of restrictions with which to try to deal with infections by the Covid-19 coronavirus, where in the case of Spain, it will be the autonomous communities and Autonomous cities which will decide the measures to be applied in their respective territories, for which there will be 17 different plans, one per autonomous community.

Now, people usually find out about the restrictions they have and future that will reach their respective territories through the different media, and even also from the summaries that may reach them from their contacts in the form of WhatsApp messages, already be with captures of summaries of the main media, or written texts that come to point out the same.

Until recently, the Spanish Government has so far not provided a simple way to check the restrictions that will exist in each autonomous community, although initiatives have arisen by some groups and organizations.

Consulting the restrictions in each autonomous community and city

Although somewhat late, finally the Spanish Government has just opened a section on the website of the Ministry of Health to consult the restrictions in each autonomous community. In the new section, called “Development of the State of Alarm in the Autonomous Communities”, has broken down the restrictions into four different categories:

* Perimeter limitation of the community, other territorial units, night traffic and social groups
* Limitation of the perimeter of the community, night traffic and social groups
* Limitation of other territorial units, nocturnal circulation and social groups
* Limitation of night movement and social groups

Users will be able to locate themselves in each of these categories to learn about the autonomous communities that it affects, or they may locate themselves in each autonomous community on the map itself to find out the restriction category that belongs to it, although it will also obtain a floating window detailing the specific restrictions for that autonomous community.

In this sense, further down the map, for which you will have to navigate the web down, you will find a fixed table breaking down the restrictions for each autonomous community in detail. Both the map and the table have been created with the tool Datawrapper, and even this section allows downloading of data in a csv file.

The ministry itself indicates that it uses data of its own elaboration based on the regulations published by the autonomous communities and autonomous cities.

In this way, given the anticipation of movements, and with the relaxation of some measures, the Government is already providing an official platform where to consult the existing restrictions in each autonomous community that allows people to better know what they can do and what they can do. not within the measures that directly affect them by the location in which they are.

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