Netflix on Android now lets you listen to series and movies as if they were podcasts

This function has been in testing for a long time, and it finally reaches the stable version of the Netflix app.

While Netflix has a number of experimental features out there, this new option generated expectations in users, as it can be useful in different contexts.

Netflix adds an «audio only» mode in its series and movies

If you have the Netflix app installed on your Android mobile, you may already have the new option that will allow you to be in audio mode. Yes, an option that allows you to turn off the video in series and movies and listen to them as if they were podcasts.

As shown in the screenshot you share Android Police, this option is visible in the video player, along with the rest of the options to change the speed, audio and subtitles, lock screen. etc. Just by choosing “Video Off” we will have the content available only in audio.

Netflix function

This new mode can be useful to save data or take care of the mobile battery in cases of emergency. It can also become an option when you are multitasking or doing activities around the house.

And of course, it can be practical for certain content such as documentaries, interviews or stand-up shows. Perhaps Netflix is ​​considering adding more content in the future, with this new option in mind, to join the podcast trend.

On the other hand, let us remember that other tests of Netflix is to implement a timer for the user to schedule when the app should stop. An ideal solution for those who watch Netflix from their mobile in bed, and that can be combined with this audio-only option.

This new function seems to be coming to the Netflix app on Android through a server, so it does not depend on the version update, nor will it help you to install an APK. You will have to wait for Netflix to gradually activate the option for all users.

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