Petal Search, Huawei’s search engine, now available to everyone via the web

Currently there are many search engine projects that try to deal with the domain of Google searches, to which some others are joining, such as, promising aspects for which Google and other large technology companies are often criticized.

But the case of Huawei is different. As a result of the US veto, the company has been forced to develop a series of applications and services to try to equate the users of its newest mobile devices with the users of any other Android mobile device, even those of the same brand. , with access to Google applications and services.

And within the developed services is Petal Search, its new search engine, with which they even emphasize that it becomes more powerful than Google’s, as indicated last October at an event in which they announced a series of improvements to the search engine, in addition to the launch of other services.

Huawei’s “Google” within reach of more people

Huawei does not intend for its developments to be solely for its mobile devices, so it tries to extend them to other users of mobile devices. In this sense, they are opening access to Petal Search through the web under the domains and, although the latter is still in the implementation period, so we will have to wait until it is fully operational.

It should be noted that its search engine is designed only to search from mobile web browsers, although it can also be opened from desktop computers, although the company does not currently contemplate a desktop version.

And like many other search engines, users can get a list of results from all the categories together or from each of the specific categories, with each result offered in the form of a card.

Those users who wish to do so can also install the Petal Search application on their Android mobile devices through the HUAWEI App Gallery, although for this they must first have the Huawei application store installed on their mobiles, for which the company itself makes it easy to download the APK for manual installation, offering a step-by-step guide to have the application store operational.

Our first impressions on video

We have already had our first contact with the Huawei search engine, where we comment on our first impressions in a new video that we offer below, also remembering that you have more videos in our channel on YouTube.

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