The application that has grown the most in 2020 has been Among Us

There are applications that have been widely used during 2020, that have hundreds of millions of downloads and that are used practically every day, but there are others that manage to grow in such a spectacular way that they break records, and that has been the case of the game Among Us , practically unknown for the last two years and fundamental in any list of the last months.

Today it was the Smartme Analytics consulting firm that presented the list of the apps that have grown the most, something possible thanks to the fact that it monitors these changes daily.

For this use the SFIx (Smartme Flash Index), an index that identifies the apps that grow the most, so that if it is positive it indicates that it has grown faster than the market itself has.

Among the apps we have social networks and game streaming topping the list:

Among us: 16.83 in the SFIx index.
TikTok: 1.31
Twitch: 0,20
Discord: 0,19

Streaming entertainment is present, of course:

Movistar +: 1.09
Disney+: 0,10
Pluto TV: 0,07
Amazon Prime Video: 0,06
Atresplayer: 0,05.

Food delivery and restaurant apps in general cannot be missing:

Uber Eats: 0,71
TooGoodToGo: 0,19.

Although it may seem that travel apps have been greatly affected, there are some that maintain their positive index, such as Minube (1.09), Vueling (0.10), Edreams (0.07), Amovens (0.06) and Aena (0.05).

In transport, Waylet stands out (2.70), and in finance we have Verse (2.46), followed by CaixaBank Sign (0.79), Curve (0.41), Deutsche Bank (0.27) and Evo Banco ( 0.06).

As you can see, only Among Us exceeds two, in fact it reaches 16, which is really impressive if we take into account the indexes of the other categories.

The list has been published as an infographic, and you have it available in this PDF.

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