The new Chromecast will have Apple TV +

Devices that add intelligence to our TV are becoming more and more common. Google’s Chromecast and Roku are two of the first to appear, although now we have other good options with it. Fire TV STick, without forgetting, logically, Apple TV.

The fact is that they all work in the same way: they offer content so that we can navigate through it without having a Smart TV, which helps to watch Netflix, Tivify, Amazon Prime, Youtube and other services on the web.

The fact is that if you are Google TV users you will surely have already seen that Apple TV + is not available, but that will change, since an Apple TV application for the latest Chromecast is coming, and we will have it in early 2021.

Google has announced it stating that Google TV will be “one of the only streaming devices with all the major video subscriptions,” Apple TV + included.

Google specifically mentions the latest Chromecast in its blog post, not Android TV devices in general, so it’s unclear if the app will also make its way to devices like Nvidia Shield.

Surely it is the result of some association between Google and Apple, but they have not given details of the same where the limitations or requirements to be able to see the content are indicated.

This integration thus adds to the one we saw between Apple Music and Google Assistant devices, announced last week.

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