Twitter begins testing its voice chat rooms in private beta

Twitter has just started testing the new voice chat room feature, which will eventually be renamed Twitter Spaces, involving a small group of iOS device users in its current private beta phase.

To do this, it will involve users who in the past have been victims of harmful behavior within Twitter, with which it will try to find the necessary security measures so that only healthy participations are carried out.

To create secure voice chat conversations

As we have already commented At the end of last November, Twitter has a special interest in looking for the way in which users can participate in a comfortable and safe way, trying to find solutions to address possible bad behaviors that may occur in the new feature, having Take into account that on its platform there have been quite a few conflictive behaviors and situations in recent years that it has had to deal with.

In this sense, the hosts will have the same conversation controls that they already have to publish tweets, being they who can indicate who can speak at any time in their rooms.

In addition to the current controls, in the near future they will also have other controls that allow them to moderate conversations, avoiding unwanted situations.

Hosts will be able to invite other users to their voice chat spaces through direct messages, by sharing invitation links in tweets, or by sharing those links on third-party platforms.

To have their spaces available, they will simply have to press and hold the compose button in the lower right corner of the screen, or create them through a specific creation screen that they will access by sliding their finger to the right.

There is already a history of bad behavior in another similar tool

Besides Twitter Spaces, there is also Clubhouse, dedicated to creating voice chat spaces, which despite being still in a private beta phase, and still unknown by many users, has already seen some important incidents that have occurred within its platform.

From Twitter they undertake to offer the updates and news that arise through the profile @TwitterSpaces On twitter. It will already be a matter of the new feature evolving as the different phases go through.

For now, the only images available have been shared by Jane Manchun Wong, known for researching the news of the main social platforms through the source code of the applications.

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