Zoom will remove the 40-minute limit for video calls on these special dates

Zoom has made many changes and implemented a number of new features at your service in recent months. Of course, some of them are designed for paying users.

However, the latest announcement will benefit all free accounts globally. A gift from the Zoom team that will only be available on certain dates and times.

Video calling without limits in Zoom

If you have an account in Zoom You will know that free accounts have the limit of 40 minutes for video calls. When that time limit is met, the meeting closes automatically. And while you can recreate the video call, it is a tedious process and can affect the dynamics of your virtual meeting.

The Zoom team does not want its users to suffer from interruptions in their video calls with family and friends this holiday season, so they announced that they will remove the 40-minute limit during the days that correspond to the next holidays, including the eve.

It is the same dynamic as Zoom applied for Thanksgiving. This time, the last days of Hanukkah, Christmas Eve and Day, New Year’s Eve and Day, and the last day of Kwanzaa, will be taken into account, following these times (ET):

10 am on Thursday, December 17 to 6 am on Saturday, December 19
10 am on Wednesday, December 23 to 6. am on Saturday, December 26
10 am on Wednesday, December 30 until 6 am on Saturday, January 2

During those time periods, users will be able to use unlimited Zoom from their free accounts. You don’t need to take any action as Zoom will automatically apply this change to all accounts globally.

So families and friends can have long festive dinners connected to Zoom without worrying about the limit and without opting for the paid version. Remember that the timeline the Zoom team shared follows ET time, so you will need to convert it to your local time.

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