3D models that can be edited and downloaded for free

Templates mockup They can be obtained through the Internet or directly through the work of a designer, they facilitate the creation of advertising graphic pieces for products of the widest varieties.

QLO, an interactive and browser-based 3D design tool, appears in the spectrum of alternatives as a free option for generating graphic mockups of custom clothing.

Free avatars that shape your designs

The digital avatars QLO 3D, in addition to offering an easy alternative to generate models that wear garments with the designs that you upload to the platform, can also be used in other simpler cases, such as to give visibility to a brand.

Using this tool is really simple. You only need to choose an avatar among the available models to use as a base, customize the garments you wear, upload a logo or design for your clothing and customize your background.

Everything works from the browser, without discriminating between the available options while they are updated. The result can be downloaded free of charge, in high quality and without watermarks.

A project that arises from the proximity to fashion and design

Who is behind this project is Augis Kaleinykas, designer, programmer and founder of Morflax, a 3D design and technology company under which this initiative arises.

According to his own words, the initiative to create QLO was generated based on his experience in the world of fashion and his relationship with the 3D ecosystem. From that proximity, he discovered that a common obstacle for those who are dedicated to this activity, especially those who are just starting out or those who have fewer resources, is the lack of time to prepare well-achieved photographs to display clothing collections, depending on third-party templates They offer few customization options.

As an alternative, the option of using tools for 3d design to fill these gaps, but this requires even more advanced technical skills, which are not always available to everyone.

As a solution, responding to these points, QLO emerged as an alternative that democratizes access to 3D models.

Currently, only two models are available: Y, male-looking and X, female-looking. Both are Caucasian in appearance in their initial presentation, but various parameters of their appearance can be adjusted.

Both templates are available for free and the generated graphics can be downloaded in high quality in JPG or PNG formats, with a transparent background.

Upcoming improvements

QLO is in beta. Surely, this is a key factor behind the decision to fully release the use of this platform.

According to the announcements already made, they will soon include new avatar designs, adding more ethnic representations and also, more control parameters dedicated to lighting, colors, rotation, sizes, poses and animation will be added. Also, a future update promises a more realistic look for avatars.

The generated material can be used freely, so this is presented as an alternative that is worth trying.

You can find more examples, demonstrations of use of the platform and more information about this project in the QLO website.

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