Group calls come to Alexa

Amazon usually makes offers on its electronic devices throughout the year, to which is also added the Amazon electronic device offers that are also usually made by third-party retailers at specific times of the year, so despite the official prices, users have quite a few opportunities to purchase Amazon devices at reduced prices, which are quite tempting.

Thanks to this strategy, and together with agreements with other manufacturers of electronic devices, Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, enjoys the highest penetration in the virtual assistant market at the moment.

And as a great competitor that he is, he does not stop receiving new capabilities that prevent his rivals from overshadowing them at any time.

In this sense, in a year where video calls and audio calls, to stay in contact with family and friends instead of face-to-face meetings due to the coronavirus pandemic, and on the eve of a Christmas that will be somewhat different due to the various restrictions that will occur in much of the world , Alexa now starts offering hands-free group calls, both audio and video.

For now it will allow a maximum of seven simultaneous participants. In addition, they can only be done through the devices Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show o Fire TV Cube.

For this it will be enough to say commands like «Alexa, call the family«. Obviously, each contact will have to accept the call in order to participate in the new conversation.

Generating the groups through the Alexa app

Here the question is that Users must previously generate the corresponding groups through the Alexa mobile application, adding to those contacts who have devices Alexa that you want to integrate into them, establishing the corresponding names to the groups, such as “the family” for the case just mentioned.

Right now, when there are some deals on Amazon devices with Alexa built in, users could tip the scales towards them when choosing smart speakers or smart displays to use to stay in touch with family and friends, in addition to diversity of other functions that Alexa also currently provides through skills.

It also becomes an alternative to the use of services such as Zoom, Google Meet or jitsi, among others, to be able to congratulate Christmas, in addition to the initiatives that may arise as an alternative to the traditional New Year’s parties, which this year it will be impossible to do.

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