How to transfer photos from Google Photos to Amazon Photos, step by step

Many things have happened in recent times so that users prefer to leave the Google Photos service and thus look for better options, among which the Amazon Photos (free service for those who are already Prime) stands out.

The truth is that Google will apply a new policy for storing photos and videos in the cloud, which it will only allow you to have a maximum of 15 GB of free storageFrom then on, users will have to buy plans and pay for subscriptions.

This is news that it has not been taken in a good way, since before the storage was equally unlimited, but with the difference that it was also free.

Users are looking to move to other storage services

Actually, Google Photos is still free, but you have to calculate how much space you have left without paying (with this tool from the same company you can do it), however, as of June 2021, things will change to the forecast we just mentioned due to the policies imposed by Google. Therefore, many users are looking for another storage service to move to, one that turns out to be more complete, cheaper or with more advanced options.

Among the various options, Amazon Photos is the service that offers the most advantages and that has the best features. Of course, we speak directly with people who have Amazon Prime or Amazon DriveSince the Photos service comes free with those subscriptions.

Now, leaving this part of the benefits aside, if you are interested in transferring all your files from Google Photos to Amazon, sadly up to the current date there is no native app way to do it, so what you have to do is upload them manually. Next, we will show the process to achieve it.

Steps to transfer files from Google Photos to Amazon Photos

– The first thing you should do is enter the management website of your Google account, which you can do through the next link.
– Once inside, locate the tab Data and Personalization in the left column.
– Go down a little until you reach the box Facts about what you create and do, and click on the blue link that indicates the option to Go to the Google Control Panel.

Google Photos download data
– Click on Photos, then on the three black dots at the bottom right and finally on the small box that indicates Download data.
– As soon as you have all of them downloaded to your computer, what will be left is to download the Amazon Photos application on the same PC to pass the photos.Save photos to Amazon

This would be the simplest procedure that we can mention, since there is no native or official way to do it instantly, but it is not so bad if you are to see the points in favor that come by joining Amazon Photos.

Advantages of Amazon Photos for Prime customers

In the free storage area we have a capacity of up to 5 GB, while if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you will have unlimited storage of photos and 5 GB of video.

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