Microsoft brings Teams Together mode to Skype

Although Zoom has been in the market for many years bringing its communication services to business environments, the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has allowed it to become a popular solution in a very short period of time, allowing private users to also maintain the contact with family and friends through your own service.

This has led to a move to other companies as long as their respective video calling solutions are also considered by users at a time when video call sessions are booming due to confinements and other established restrictions.

Microsoft has been one of them, although the company has focused especially on Teams, leaving Skype in the background, although it is striking that one of the most outstanding features of Teams, launched last July, now begins to form also part of Skype.

Together mode now also in Skype for all users

We talk about Together Mode, Together mode in Spanish, which allows you to take the image of the participants and remove the background to take them in real time to selected virtual environments, which simulate to be different physical spaces, where Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence will also be responsible for distributing the participants in a automatic.

In order for the Together mode to be used in Skype, at least five participants will be necessary, where the guests will not even need to have an application or account in Skype, joining the video calls of this function through their corresponding invitation links, participating directly via the web.

Boosting Skype for virtual meetings at Christmas

In this way, Skype ceases to be somewhat behind in terms of the arrival of news in video calls, although it is not the only novelty in this regard, since it also launches a grid mode, to see all the participants in a session of Video calls simultaneously, reaching all platforms, in addition to other minor news that users can choose if they use Skype for their video calls with family and friends.

As we can see, Christmas and all that it represents is also becoming a reason to be taken into account by all those companies that offer audio and video call services, expecting an increase in communications through these channels in the most recent days. important of this holiday, which this year will be somewhat limited by Covid-19.

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