RESPIRA, soilless plants managed from the mobile

Having plants always helps to improve air quality, but it is not always possible to have them. It requires knowing how to take care of them, and it is necessary to have them in ventilated, sunny environments … well, each plant is different.

In recent years we have seen many devices that help improve indoor air quality, but today we have been struck by one that comes from Toronto, Canada.

Is about BREATHE, a solution that wants to innovate the botanical sector in homes. “Living walls for homes”, as they present it to us, and they want it to be a natural solution to filter the air in everyday living spaces.

The company has been a specialist in commercial plant wall installations since 2018. Living walls have proven to be a valuable asset for corporate buildings as they improve the mood among employees and reduce energy costs while cleaning the air at the same time . Respira now want to reach consumers in general.

How BREATH works

Living walls provide a natural purifying solution for the home as the walls are planted hydroponically (without soil) and fed by a constant flow of water. Exposed roots actively draw toxins out of the air, capturing and destroying toxins within the root zone.

The device has a visible part that shows the plant, which feeds without soil. Inside it has fans, lights and pumps. It has a 5 ″ LCD touch screen, can receive and accept software updates and allows users to monitor plant health from the phone.

At any time it is possible to control and check the performance of the system when we are away from home, even order new pallets of plants and nutrients directly from the account.

Price and availability

Now they are getting pre-orders. It has a limited number of units (500), and will deliver orders in 2021. Prices are around $ 600 in the pre-order phase, rising to 800 when the promotion ends.

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