Twitter will restart account verification and add new profile tags

Twitter has shared some of its projects for 2021. Not only will it open its new account verification system, but it also promises to improve some aspects of the platform’s dynamics.

Some of these changes will begin to be implemented from January. We tell you all the details.

Twitter will begin to verify new accounts

We had already mentioned that Twitter planned to launch a new account verification system in 2021. A system with new rules and requirements. And now expand on some details.

For example, you mentioned that the process opens on January 20, 2021. So from that date, users can apply to verify their account from the Settings section of the web version of Twitter or from the app.

According to the team of Twitter, users will be asked to select a category and verify their identity by submitting documentation and links. The review process will be carried out by combining the work of the Twitter team with its automated systems.

Twitter explains what the new policies are for its account verification system at this link. Although all users will be able to participate in this application, it does not mean that everyone gets the desired verification.

Profile tags for bots and commemorative accounts

Twitter also mentioned that it will work to distinguish different types of accounts. Following the same dynamic that was applied with the accounts of politicians during the elections in the United States, he plans to differentiate the automated accounts (bots) and the commemorative accounts.

When it comes to bots, Twitter wants users to be able to easily identify these accounts and to avoid any confusion. On the other hand, he plans to implement the commemorative accounts. And for this, you must develop a system that allows family members to request that the account of their deceased relative remain on the platform under this criteria.

They have not yet given details about this process, so we will have to wait for Twitter to expand the information in 2021.

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