Twitter will tell us what we have in common with another user to facilitate networking

Sometimes we want to respond to some comments to another user on Twitter, but we lack words, arguments, some way to break the ice … Twitter wants to help us in a simple way, since it will indicate the topics that we have in common so that it is easy to start the talk .

You advertise it in your support account as follows:

Sometimes you have more in common than you think.

On Android, we’re testing a way to highlight the things you have in common when you reply to someone you don’t follow or interact with. We can show the topics that you both follow, your mutual connections or your profile bio.

In this example you can see a message of this type, where it indicates the accounts in common that both users follow:

At the moment it is only a test, it is not available to everyone, but it is possible that some of you already have it on your android mobile.

Like all tests, there is no guarantee that this feature will last forever, it all depends on how successful you are in the first few weeks after launch.

The idea is to generate more conversation, prevent Twitter from gradually becoming a one-way content network where only bots respond, and help create connections between users that help achieve common goals, something similar to what it already has. Linkedin.

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