CD Projekt opens a new avenue for refunds for physical copies of Cyberpunk 2077

While CD Projekt had already posted comments on the Cyberpunk 2077 issues, it has now made a statement on Twitter about its stance on refunds.

Sony has already provided the form for users to request a refund, and Microsoft has also shown its willingness to facilitate returns for affected users. And CD Projekt has now mentioned that it will take care of the returns, if necessary. We tell you the details.

How to request a refund for the physical copy of Cyberpunk 2077

From your Twitter account, CD Project he mentioned that he is taking sides with regard to disbursements. As mentioned in the statement, they intend that all users who have purchased a copy, whether physical or digital, can receive their refund.

In the case of digital copies, it encourages users to make a claim on the corresponding digital platform. And we have already seen how much Sony as Microsoft are dealing with this process on their respective platforms. And while those who purchased a physical copy of Cyberpunk can also request a refund, we know it can be more complicated.

In that case, CD Projekt promises to take over:

We would like you to know that it is our intention that each owner of a physical copy or a digital copy purchased at retail, who has a valid proof of purchase (and sends an email to within the time window) receives a refund

CD Projekt mentions that it will carry out this process from its own pocket, if necessary. Of course, users should only resort to this measure only if they have exhausted all means to receive a refund for their physical copy.

On the other hand, as the tweet mentions, the refund request will be accepted until December 21. After that time, users will no longer have any possibility of having their money returned through this means.

At the moment, there are no more details about this CD Projeckt proposal and how it will carry out the process, so we will have to wait for them to provide more information in the coming days.

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