Evernote is better than Google Keep for taking notes

If you are a person who constantly saves and manages notes on the mobile during the day, then you should at least have listened to Keep on some occasion, the official Google application to take notes and notes from your mobile or computer.

On the other hand, Evernote, one of the pioneering applications in this area, continues to be the most direct rival and may even surpass Keep, this after the latest news presented by the app.

So knowing the above, if you were looking with an app to do these tasks and you came across these two giants, in this post we will be commenting on some reasons why Evernote can be considered a better note application than Keep, which is it will not detract anything of value or quality from the Google app, who has been the owner and mistress of this category of applications for some time now.

Evernote, the eternal rival of Google Keep and reasons that can prove its supremacy

Evernote is an application that has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play, and even so, compared to Keep that has a total of more than 1 billion downloads, it has a few features that loyal Keep users would like to have in the app, so let’s introduce them.

New and more improved searches

Improved Evernote search

One of the aspects in which Evernote has stood out the most has been its search system, but now with the new updates that the app has made, this system is more renewed and more updated than ever. Users can search by tags, attachments, file type and even by URL link, which will help you find your notes more quickly and easily. In addition, searches can be saved so that they can be used again if you need them.

More complete and personalized tools

Evernote editing tools

If you use Google Keep constantly, you should have known for a long time that this app is governed by the code of make notes as quickly and easily as possible, without having too many customization options and being free from distractions for writers.

This concept is more than valid, but from Evernote they offer more tools so people can create more complete notesranging from semantic headings, tables for structuring notes, improved checklist systems, various fonts, highlighter, and a few more features, so this may be much more suited to users looking to make complex notes.

Clipper Web Browser Extension

Web evernote

Perhaps one of the best tools Evernote has (enviable both for Keep and for any other note app), is its browser extension called Web Clipper. With this, users they can safely save the information they find relevant for them on the internet, being able to save complete web pages without advertising or any ads inside, as well as being able to take screenshots and save that information in a notebook within Evernote, in addition to many other available functions.

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