They launch iPhone 12 with a piece of fabric from one of Steve Jobs’ sweaters

Can you imagine having the opportunity to acquire a fragment of the clothes used by Steve Jobs? Well now it seems that this will be possible thanks to the initiative carried out by Caviar Atelier, a Russian website dedicated to the sale of customized luxury items that has brought a commercial offer that seeks to take advantage of Apple’s latest launch, the iPhone 12.

Caviar’s proposal is to put custom iPhone 12 models on sale for an amount that ranges between $ 7,000 and $ 9,600, depending on the model.

Although this figure may seem high, the truth is that it is due to the fact that inside the logo of the apple present in each of these models a piece of fabric is inserted from one of the turtleneck sweaters that he used to wear the founder of Apple during his public presentations, as well as at events corresponding to the launch of his products (at least that is what the company promises).

All this arises on the occasion of commemorating the tenth anniversary of the iPhone 4, the last model to be launched by Steve Jobs when he was still alive. This is how users will have the opportunity to choose between the 4 models launched by Caviar: Jobs 4 Black, Jobs 4 White, Jobs 4 Gold and Jobs 1ST.

When entering the Caviar website to purchase the “economic” model of $ 6,490 we will find the following text:

The model is mounted on a blackened titanium case. It has a strict and laconic design. The key element of the model is an aviation titanium Apple logo with a piece of the original turtleneck of the legendary Steve Jobs. The bottom of the smartphone is adorned with Jobs’s autograph as a sign of quality, a symbol of his time. The owners of this device will not only have in their hands a smartphone, but a fragment of an article that belonged to the legendary person. Limited edition of 10 pieces.

Thus, from this rate, users may have the opportunity to purchase some of these models, the $ 9,600 being the most ostentatious of all by including 750-karat gold around the cameras and the apple logo. In addition to the caviar jersey, it has also incorporated fragments of the iconic New Balance sneakers worn by Steve Jobs.

Those interested in acquiring any of these telephones may do so by entering the Web page of Caviar.

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