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At the beginning of last July we present them to Type Studio, a different video editor, which allows editing them based on their corresponding text transcripts, so that it allows editing any video in the same way that any text article can be edited.

Months later, and taking advantage of their existing technology, they launch Video to Article, a new and interesting tool that allows you to generate interactive text articles based on the videos that are uploaded and shared “Publicly” on the platform.

A new experience for visitors

The idea is that visitors can manage and track the playback of publicly shared videos through interaction on their corresponding text transcripts, being able to go to specific points in the same video depending on the word in which they go placing within the transcripts.

Best of all, creators can take the interactive articles generated with the new tool anywhere on the web, being able to share the links to said articles through email, messaging or other support, or by obtaining the corresponding HTML codes to integrate them into the contents of websites, compatible with most of the content management systems popular.

Important advantages

The developers of this tool believe that interactive articles will improve the experience of visitors to the same publication, making it easier to view the videos through the corresponding text transcriptions.

In addition, other advantages, according to them, is that it facilitates the search for videos in search engines. searches like Google’s, as well as the increase in the level of interactions on the videos themselves.

Video to Article is a tool freemium, with capabilities that can be enjoyed for free, although the full experience will be obtained by creators who opt for Pro accounts.

As we indicated last summer, for the moment, the technology on which it is based supports only English, although we hope that over time it will cover other different languages.

Undoubtedly, interactive articles can be, in principle, attractive, but now there is the difficult task of expanding this concept throughout the Internet, having to accustom visitors to this new experience of monitoring content in a more dynamic way.

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