To keep all your important documents in one place

Currently we have receipts and invoices by email, others on paper, legal documentation in a folder, identification documents in a drawer … the important papers that we need in the short, medium or long term are usually scattered in several places, which makes their management difficult .

The application that I present to you today wants to solve that with a platform that centralizes all documents in one place, classified, scanned and perfectly managed.

This is Addmin, a solution that allows you to centralize any document, set reminders and tag them so that we can effectively track and find it when and where we need it.

They focus on privacy by design, coupled with a secure Swiss private cloud, makes it a secure and 100% confidential solution. They present it like this:

You receive documents by email, on your clients’ platforms, and all too often by post. Centralizing and organizing them easily becomes complicated. Addmin provides an “all-in-one” solution that allows you to centralize your important documents, regardless of format and font. Access all your personal administration anywhere, anytime and securely.

How does Addmin work?

We can create an account for free and start creating documents using PDF scanning, importing and redirection. Once we have the documents inside, we can tag them and set reminders. The goal is to keep track of deadlines, reminders, and due dates easily by grouping all your tasks together.

No more stacks of paper around your kitchen or living room table, keep yourself updated automatically and be at peace with your personal organization.

The idea is that we can comfortably keep track of paperwork, personalizing folders and helping to reduce the amount of paper in our house.

Addmin guarantees the long-term archive, which guarantees that we will always have access to the documents. In addition, we can export the data at any time and save it in additional spaces wherever we want.

The data is stored exclusively in Switzerland, in a private cloud, in accordance with the strictest privacy standards (RGPD) and does not leave the country.

How much

It is a free version and they promise that it will continue to be, although they are already working on advanced functions for some future premium version, such as automating the classification and intelligent reports, having access and editing of multiple users and having cross-platform access.

It is currently available in English, French and German from, where they have the links to the corresponding android and iOS versions.

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