Google’s camera app brings HDR mode to Android Go phones

Google Camera Go is one of the latest applications designed for mobiles with Android Go. And while it has been part of the Android Go ecosystem for a few months, it already has some interesting updates.

And now the HDR mode is added to give a plus to the photographs taken from these mobile devices.

HDR photography for mobile with Android Go

Although it is far from the functions offered by the famous GCam, Google Camera Go knows how to take advantage of the power and the photographic section of the most affordable mobiles with Android Go. For example, the Nokia 1.3 with its 8 megapixel rear camera can enhance your photos by taking advantage of the powerful software offered by the app.

Thanks to Google’s AI, these phones can also boast interesting camera functions, for example, portrait mode or night mode. And now, it is boosted with HDR mode. Although we will not achieve the same results as more powerful mobile devices, it manages to make a difference as the image it shares shows Google:

HDR Google Camara Go

And of course, as the Google team clarifies, the HDR results will depend on the hardware of each device. They have not yet specifically mentioned the devices that will have this new HDR mode, they have only limited themselves to commenting that it will be included in the new Google Camera Go update.

Remember that Camera Go It is integrated into the camera module, has a very basic user interface and some functions that we find in the GCam, but with different dynamics. And in addition, the app offers the plus of having a tool that helps users to be aware of the storage they have left on their mobile and how to free up space for new photos.

You can see an example in the video that the Google team shared in March, at the launch of Camera Go on the Nokia 1: 3:

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