How to create an opera with the new Google app

Having launched digitized collections from a large number of museums around the world, as well as other alternative experiences, the Google application dedicated to art brings us one last interactive musical-type experience.

That’s right, it’s Blob Opera, a tool that will allow you to create an opera piece without implying having any musical knowledge.

This is how Google, in conjunction with David Li, and with the assistance of professional opera singers, made possible a new interactive experience for the Google Arts & Culture application.

How Blob Opera works

Once the user enters Blob Opera they will find 4 fluffy tenors to which they will have to stretch by sliding them up and to the sides so that by doing so these cute creatures change the note they are singing.

In total, there are 4 fluffy characters that are part of Blob Opera: a tenor, a bass, a soprano and a mezzo-soprano. You will have the opportunity to change the tone they emit by stretching them upwards, while sliding them forward or backwards changes the vowel they sing.

The moment you press on one of the characters, a sound will be produced in real time. It should be noted that the behavior shown by the blobs is supported by the magic of Google’s machine learning, so that the sound emitted by the rest of the characters is consistent with the sound generated by the blob that you are squeezing.

An advantage that Blob Opera presents is that it allows you to record your composition so that you can have the opportunity to share it with other people.

So now you know, if you want to put your skills in composing operatic pieces to the test and feel like a master then don’t miss the opportunity to do it with Blob Opera available now in Google play.

Those who wish to try the web version of Blob Opera will be able to do so. ON HERE

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