Flim, the tool with which you can search for objects and colors within movies

When it comes to searching for information about a movie, platforms like IMDB, FilmAffinity o Rotten Tomatoes offer us everything we need to know about it, as well as the actors who participate in it.

However, a new proposal has recently been released that goes further, called Flim, a platform that offers users the opportunity to search within movies.

Yes, Flim is presented as a website where users can have access to screenshots of thousands of movies. Its creators claim to have a database to which about 50 thousand new high definition captures are added daily.

flim movie screenshot search tool

So far, Flim only offers screenshots of films and documentaries, but it is expected that later these will be added captures obtained from advertising content, as well as video clips. This has made Flim developers consider it the best tool for iconographic search.

To carry out its work, Flim has an artificial intelligence in charge of carrying out an analysis of the colors of each image, as well as of the objects, characters and elements or pieces that appear in it with the purpose of making them part of the criteria of search for catches.

flim movie screenshot search tool

It should be noted that although Flim can be used for free, if we do so without having registered on the page we will have a limit on the number of searches allowed, so it will be necessary to register to evade this restriction.

When searching, it is possible to do it by color, being able to choose from the palette located in the upper right part. In addition to this, Flim has a search engine in which you can enter terms in English that will help you find the movies associated with them.

flim movie screenshot search tool

Although this platform is in the beta phase, it has the potential to become a strong position tool.

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