Google’s Santa Claus returns, this year with more games and activities for children

Every year Google gives us various activities that we can do from mobile and web to enjoy the arrival of Santa Claus. In 2020 there are some news: there is no app, it is all web, although it runs perfectly from the mobile, and there are special resources to remember that we have to take care of the coronavirus.

During the holidays, when we Google “Santa Claus” or “Christmas”, we will see a familiar red hat on the results page. By clicking on it we will see the deer as we fly to Santa’s Village. Starting on December 24, we will be able to follow Santa Claus on his trip around the world with Santa Tracker.

Santa Claus

We can also keep track of what happens in said villa with the Google Assistant. We just have to say, “Ok Google, what’s new at the North Pole?” to receive updates from the elves. Other programmed questions: “What do elves eat?” and “Write a letter to Santa,” issues that increased more than 5,000 percent worldwide in the last month.

One of the available activities is Elf Maker, which allows us to create our own elves. We can also use practice delivery (which also practices social distancing) using Present Drop, which allows us to drop packages on chimneys.

For lovers of drawing and colors, we can enjoy a special edition of Google Arts & Culture and its coloring book, with joyful coloring activities for children and families.

On their Trends page we can see which parts of the world are reporting reindeer sightings, and with the search “Where is Santa Claus now?” we will be able to obtain more information.

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