Huawei Band 4e: grab this sports smartband at 14 euros!

Huawei has some of the best wearables, the smart gadgets that we can wear on our wrist to, for example, track physical activity and fitness. Among the various smartband of the brand, the Huawei Band 4e is the cheapest and quite useful.

The activity bracelet is cheap and good with autonomy for up to two weeks, simple design and several color combinations, but the best is the price. With a recommended € 29 pvp, Band 4e now costs 14,90 €, a 49% discount for a limited time.

Take advantage of the great discount on this Huawei smartband

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The Band 4e is available with bracelets of various colors for further customization.

Know more about the price and shipping of Huawei Band 4e

Equipped with a 0.5 inch (88 x 48 px) screen, the Huawei smartband is constructed of reinforced plastic for greater strength and durability. It is very light, suitable for sports and you can even put it on sneakers, or around your arm.

It has a specific mode to follow the basketball modality in which it allows to monitor metrics such as the run, launches, number of jumps and sprint. The data is presented on the bracelet and on the smartphone through the company app.

The biggest highlight is the autonomy for about two weeks, or 14 days with a 77 mAh battery. It has water resistance up to 50 meters deep and receives notifications from smartphones such as incoming SMS’s, calls and other alerts.

For fitness, Huawei Band 4e offers the accompaniment of walking, running, swimming, cycling, mountaineering, triathlon and basketball. It also counts the steps taken, distances covered and reminders of physical activity / physical inactivity.

From 29 € you have free shipping and shipping to Portugal

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The purchase process at this online store is simple and safe, however, you can follow our guide and see how to buy on Amazon and receive in Portugal. Shipping orders tend to be fast and free for purchases over € 29.

Huawei has some of the best smartphones for photography, if you’re looking for a new mobile device. This Christmas the manufacturer is applying huge discounts to various smartphones, gadgets and wearables, stay tuned to our website.

The prices listed are those listed on the online sales platform at the date of writing of this article, with affiliate links.

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