If you have one of these iPhone, you will not be able to have WhatsApp in 2021

This year 2021, which is just around the corner, represents the expiration date in terms of availability WhatsApp on many mobiles, both in the Android operating system and in those of iOS.

So, focusing on the Cupertino company, we already know what those Apple phones will bethat will be obsolete from 2021, or that at least they will not be able to have more WhatsApp.

Owners of old iPhone will be obliged to get newer phones

Do you have an old generation iPhone for this moment? Well, sadly you must know the news that, from some moments next year, all Apple smartphones that do not have iOS 9 at least, will be discontinued to be able to use the WhatsApp application, which will force users who have this type of mobile to update and have to get a newer iPhone or simply go to the world of Android.

As for the models, you should know that, from the iPhone 4 back, all those iPhone will lose the option of having WhatsApp yes or yes. Now from then on, that is the 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6S They must update to iOS 9 or later versions, so, if you have one of these phones, make sure that you have already done this update.

On the other hand, it is also important to comment that it is the iPhone 6S and the first generation iPhone SE, who will be the last phones to receive iOS 14, the latest stable version of the operating system. Making this clear, the most recommended thing we can say is that you seek to update to the latest available version of the mobile you have, or if not, resort to the option of buying another mobile.

Perhaps you have been prolonging changing that mobile that you have for a few years, and either out of love or for whatever reason you have, this may become the ideal pretext for you to do just that, get a more updated mobile and with more functions.

On the other side of iPhone, you can resort to both relatively old devices, such as the iPhone 7, 8 and SE, which can be obtained for prices around 200 euros, or in case you want something more modern, you can resort to the options of the iPhone X, XR, 11, 12, which They start with a price of 580 euros approximately. If you want to be as fashionable as possible and have the most complete machines today, you can go head to head for the iPhone 11 Pro or 12 Pro, which easily exceed 1000 euros.

For now, we can only say that whatever decision you make, you should do it quickly so that you save as much time and trouble as possibleSo move on to take action during these last days of the year, or perhaps the first days of the next.

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