They manage to turn Baby Yoda into a robot that can follow you using AI

Those people who use DIY to alter original elements will never cease to exist, achieving a series of improvements and other abilities that make it unique. And this is not only applicable to electronic devices, but also to toys, yes, combining their own technical skills with the vision of the child that each person carries with himself.

This is what Manuel Ahumada, a person what has devised a system to ensure that an official version of Baby Yoda can become a full-fledged robot, and also be able to follow him wherever he goes with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Taking an official toy to become a private robot

To achieve this achievement, Ahumada has developed an interior frame with 3D-printed parts in the form of a skeleton, which it has been introducing into the toy itself together with a series of servo motors and other mechanisms, all of them connected to a Raspberry Pi.

This will allow the particular Baby Yoda the ability to move through a series of wheels on the legs, move his arms, and tilt his body and head back and forth.

Smoky can control her Baby Yoda via a PlayStation 4 controller connected wirelessly to the Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth, although it has also added two other control modes: one through automatic and repetitive actions and another through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

For the first mode, called record and playback mode, Ahumada introduces a series of actions that your Baby Yoda will then automatically reproduce later.

The Raspberry Pi as the center of all its operation

For the second control mode, please use a smart mobile phone running the app OpenBot de Intel, which makes use of machine learning models to have the ability to search and detect people, being able to track their movements, and even chase them wherever they go.

Although, at first glance, the result is not as aesthetic as it would be desirable, Ahumada himself has achieved capabilities that the manufacturer himself has not introduced as standard.

To see his particular Baby Yoda in action, Manuel Ahumada has a video on his YouTube channel where he also explains all the steps he has taken along with the tools used, and which you can see below:

Image Credit: YouTube by Manuel Ahumada

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