TikTok launches its annual video compilation feature for each user

There is no doubt that TikTok has found its place in the segment of the most important social networks of the current scene, to which is added the fact that many users have taken advantage of the confinement time to make more videos and / or follow more favorite creators, according to the type of content on which they are interested.

And as in other popular social networks, on TikTok they are now launching their custom annual recap feature, to which they have called Year on TikTok, which allows users to have a video summary of what their year 2020 has been on TikTok, with the possibility of sharing it with their followers, thereby obtaining a special “2021” badge that they can add to their respective profiles.

But what about the newer users? In TikTok they have also thought about them and will include in their respective «Year on TikTok» some of the best videos that are part of the list «Year on TikTok: Top 100«, Published a few weeks ago.

2020 on TikTok in the form of a personalized video compilation

At Year on TikTok The personalized videos of each user will include the videos they liked the most, the most played musical themes, the most used creative effects, as well as a series of metrics, among other aspects, which TikTok have wanted to call “vibrations”, and will be offered in the same familiar aspect in which users are accustomed when watching videos within the platform, that is, a succession of videos that will pass vertically downwards.

On the same page of Year on TikTok It will also offer the videos that have gone viral the most, the most prominent creators, among many other aspects that allow users to discover the highlights in general on TikTok. By the way, remember that you can already comment on the videos from the web.

Users will find your Year on TikTok custom icon feed For you or through a banner special you will find in the feed Discover, although for this, users must have the latest version of the application installed on their mobile devices.

With this launch, it will be a matter of hours or days before we see a “flood” of compilation videos of the year 2020 for many of the users we have in monitoring, a summary form that will allow us to know how 2020 has been on TikTok for all of them, and those that we can also add with our personalized versions for those who follow us.

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