Yeelight M2: cheap smart lamp with Google Assistant will arrive in Portugal

All Xiaomi fans know the name Yeelight very well. This is the subsidiary responsible for popularizing the smart lamps of the Chinese manufacturer, and recently arrived officially in Portugal, having already its own store.

Now it launches the Yeelight Smart Led Bulb 2 (Multicolor), with the purpose of bringing a new inexpensive alternative to anyone who wants a smart lamp compatible with the Google assistant ecosystem. The advertised price is $ 29.


Yeelight Smart Led Bulb 2 (Multicolor) does not need any hub to function

Yeelight lamps are recognized for their quality, and I have several here per home without any problems. The new M2 promises “perfect Google setup facility”, without needing any hub to work.

It uses the E27 thick bushing pattern, you can easily configure it through the Google Home app. From there you can turn it on or off, adjust the brightness or change the color using voice commands on your Google Nest. This is because it is connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

It is good to mention the step forward that this lamp is compared to its predecessor. We now have 1000 lumens (instead of 800). Furthermore, it promises to last up to 15 thousand hours of use, which means that you will have a lamp here for many years.

Pricing and availability:

This new lamp goes on the market for a price of 29 dollars. We try to understand what the price in Portugal will be from an official Yeelight source, but there is still no forecast of the value. While it is not yet for sale, you can equate this pack of two smart lamps from Xiaomi, which you can find for a very attractive price. Soon we will have the new Yeelight in Portugal, and we will announce when this happens.

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