A new way to charge our virtual reality glasses

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Anker has presented a charger for the Oculus Quest 2 quite striking.

It’s a charging dock that keeps your controllers and glasses charged while offering a good place for stylish storage.

It is now available on the official Oculus website for a price of $ 87, currently only in the United States. There we can read that the base includes replacement 1800 mAH alkaline rechargeable batteries for the Quest 2 controllers (which only come with non-reusable batteries) and fits the kit via magnetic USB-C connectors. Anker says the kit charges all devices in two and a half hours.

The charging base has space for both controllers to stand on and a place for the glasses to rest. They do not specify if the base will be compatible with the Quest 2 Elite strap, although it is important to remember that the Elite battery strap must be charged from the back, so in principle it would not be compatible with the Anker Oculus Quest 2 charging base.

On the front we have a set of lights that indicate if the device is charging.

At the moment they have not given information on when they will send it outside the United States, but within the country the shipping date will be January 22.

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