Apple could develop its electric car with novel battery technology

The Apple Car is making headlines again. New rumors and leaks mention that Apple’s electric and autonomous car could go into production in 2024. While others are a bit more optimistic, and say that in 2021 we could have news of the possible Apple Car.

However, the leaks not only speak of possible dates, but also shed some details of the technology that Apple could implement in its own cars.

Apple would develop its own battery technology

During these years, we learned some details about Project Titan, Apple’s project for the development of the autonomous car. A project that has gone through different stages since 2014, and that has undergone a restructuring in 2018 with the arrival of Doug Field and the dismissal of hundreds of employees.

Apparently, this project seems to be on track and Apple is clear that it wants to develop an autonomous car dedicated to the consumer, differentiating itself from the proposal of Waymo with their autonomous taxis. And it may not be too long to see one of these autonomous and electric cars from Apple, as mentioned Reuters.

And not only will Apple’s strategy be different, but it will also make a difference with the technology it will implement in its cars. As mentioned by that outlet, Apple plans to implement its own battery technology.

This would be an advanced technology, which would be applied to the design of the batteries, offering the user two clear and powerful advantages: an increase in the autonomy of the car and a considerable reduction in the cost of batteries. Without a doubt, it would add a more than interesting plus to the dynamics that an autonomous and electric car can offer.

According to rumors, Apple would begin production of its autonomous car from 2024 or 2025, as the pandemic has delayed plans, as reported in Reuters. On the other hand, there are also rumors that 2021 would be the year that Apple shows its autonomous cars.

There is no official comment on these details, so it is still early to create a roadmap for Apple’s autonomous cars. Perhaps Apple is considering other possibilities beyond developing its own autonomous car, and is looking to alliances with automakers.

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