Google already allows you to see 3D car models in great detail

Google is now going for the category of cars in model searches to allow users to view them in a completely realistic and detailed way, through Augmented Reality, in an even better way than how it is already possible to see animals and other 3D objects.

In this way, the company complies to promise that they launched at their event Search On last October. Unlike other elements in Augmented Reality, Google will allow their visualization both externally and internally, with a completely immersive experience that will also allow the choice of color and even the materials of the seats and types of buttons on the steering wheel .

To know cars in detail without having them physically in front

For now, the display of car models in Augmented reality will be relegated to users in the United States using devices Android, while iOS users will have to settle for native renderings, with a lower level of details and without the possibility of customization, with the idea of ​​being able to offer them the new elements already by early next year.

Rajan Patel, one of the vice presidents of Google, spoke a few days ago on your Twitter account that the introduction of car models in Augmented Reality currently has more than 250 different models.

According to his words:

On Android, we launched our first cloud-streamed 3D content in Search, allowing users to view cars in high fidelity and with a set of cinematic 3D backgrounds for the most photorealistic 3D experience yet.

According to the publication 9to5Google, this possibility is now expanding widely through Google searches, also recalling that Google had previously offered the display of some car models, although with a series of limitations compared to the experience they are beginning to deploy in these moments, to which logically sooner or later they will also reach other markets, such as the rest of the Augmented Reality elements.

This will allow, for example, that users can know in depth those car models they are interested in, personalize them according to their preferences, and without having to visit the car dealerships where they sell them in person. They could also show off them without having them by introducing them through Augmented Reality at the doors of their homes.

As we say, it will be a matter of these car models expanding to other markets, to which new car models from other manufacturers will also be added, for which Google continues to work on the corresponding agreements.

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