How to analyze hard drive space and find what takes up the most space

If the space on your computer’s hard drive is about to end, and the prevailing chaos makes it difficult to identify what could be erased, pay attention because today I will comment on some tools that can help with the issue.

They are programs for Windows that analyze the hard disk and classify its content so that we know which folders and files consume the most space, thus helping to make correct decisions.

Disk Space Fan

hard disk space
We start with a free program in its trial stage and at a cost of $ 10 for its full license. Finds large and duplicate files quickly and easily.

They present it as a disk space analysis tool for Windows that helps free up disk space by quickly finding and deleting large and useless files. Show disk space allocation with intuitive graph.

Filters can be used to find size information for special file types, such as video, audio, or image. Also, it finds and helps to remove duplicate files on hard drive, and even leaves a shortcut to the actual file after removing duplicates.

Is available in, only for Windows.



Somewhat ugly, but powerful and free. It has three default panels to display information about your hard drive space.

When we execute it, we will see a tree map of the data, which is shown in bars of variable size according to its real size on the hard disk. Makes it very easy to see which types of files are taking up the most space.

There is a column on the right that lists all the file types along with a color to quickly find them on the treemap.

You can download it in, for Windows.


A great acquaintance in this category. JDiskReport analyzes how much space files and directories are consuming on disk drives, and helps find outdated files and folders.

The tool analyzes the disk drives and collects various statistics that we can see as general graphs and detail tables, all for free.

JDiskReport runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and other platforms, but requires Java.

You can download it on

There are many other similar tools, but most include the same functions that I have discussed in these three options.

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