How to learn languages ​​with YouTube subtitles


If you watch YouTube videos constantly, there is something you can do to improve your skills with another language at the same time, use language learning tools taking advantage of the subtitles of the videos.

Currently there are several resources that help with this topic, and here we leave you with the most relevant:

Captionz: A site that helps to watch YouTube with subtitles to learn languages, supports double subtitles, AB repeat and more. We just have to put the url of the video at the top and select the subtitle language in the right menu. As the audio is heard, the subtitles will be lowered so that we can relate the sound to the word.

CaptionPop: View video subtitles in two different languages, helping to create relationships between words. We just have to indicate what our mother tongue is and the language we want to learn, as we commented in the review what did we do in 2018.

Universal World– An extension that helps to translate the subtitles of YouTube videos. By simply hovering the mouse over the unknown word, we will have the translation available, without fear of losing the content of the video, since it gives a discreet pause so that we do not get lost.

We just have to put the language we want to learn in the configuration and activate it in the video with the combination alt + shift + t.

But if what you want is to learn languages ​​by watching Netflix, don’t miss this list that we publish in this link.

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