Microsoft and McAfee team up to fight ransomware

In the context of threats to Informatic security, ransomware has taken dangerously widening ground.

Being a latent danger for many companies and individual users, the prevention of vulnerabilities that lead to attacks of this type has been in the focus of several companies in the field, among which can be found some of those that recently agreed a collaborative alliance to face this situation.

Headed by Microsoft and McAfee, the creation of the Ransomware Task Force, abbreviated as RTF, was announced. This group, made up of 19 security companies, technology companies and non-profit organizations, began its activities earlier this week.

Research contributions

Theorizing around a massive problem provides the necessary tools so that those people involved in the execution of procedures or decision-making can react in a timely and effective manner.

For this same purpose, the RTF coalition will concentrate its efforts on evaluating the technical solutions that are currently present in the industry as a security mechanism before and during a possible ransomware attack.

This contribution will materialize in the issuance of documents prepared by professional experts in the field. The work, in addition to the technical, will also be related to the parties involved in all industries, will identify the weak points and gaps in the current solutions and, subsequently, a common action plan will be proposed for all the members of this alliance.

As a final purpose, the Ransomware Task Force seeks to emerge as a referential agent that defines a standardized framework to react to attacks of this kind. Although there are security firms already fully committed to ransomware, the RTF proposal is different, because it seeks to integrate the industry through consensual measures, instead of receiving advice from contractors in isolation.

Institutions and member companies of the RTF

In alphabetical order, the 19 companies and organizations that make up this alliance are as follows:

  • Aspen Digital, dedicated advisory on digital policies.
  • Citrix, network equipment provider.
  • The Cyber Threat Alliance, an exchange group for the cybersecurity industry.
  • Cybereason, security company.
  • The CyberPeace Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of cyber attacks.
  • The Cybersecurity Coalition, advice on digital policies.
  • The Global Cyber Alliance, a non-profit group dedicated to reducing cyber risk.
  • The Institute for Security and Technology, advice on digital policies.
  • McAfee, security company.
  • Microsoft, participates through its security branch.
  • Rapid7, security company.
  • Resilience, cyber insurance provider.
  • SecurityScorecard, compliance and risk management.
  • Shadowserver Foundation, a non-profit security organization.
  • Stratigos Security, cybersecurity consultation.
  • Team Wales, threat intelligence.
  • Third Way, think tank.
  • UT Austin Stauss Center, Investigation Group.
  • Venable LLP, lawyer’s firm.

The announcement is still somewhat recent. During January 2021, a stage of greater exposure of this project will begin, with the release of its institutional website, the election and communication to the public of its board of directors and, most important of all this, we will begin to have news about the findings that this conglomerate share with the world.

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