Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: specifications and price of earbuds revealed

With the launch of new tops at the beginning of 2021, the presentation of new earbuds South Korean wireless. These will become known as Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and no longer hold many secrets.

After confirming your design through various renderings, now let’s look at its specifics. Result of an in-depth investigation, PhoneArena is in a position to reveal the main information about Galaxy Buds Pro.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro should be around 200 €

First of all, I want to inform you of what is indicated with the sale price of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. The source points to a tag of 199 dollars, that is, in Portugal they should be slightly above 200 €.

Galaxy Buds Pro

In contrast to the supposed reduction in the price of its new tops, the South Korean is preparing to slightly increase the sales value of its new wireless headsets. Some improvements in the specifications of this gadget will contribute to this.

The main features of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

One of the most important points in this type of product has to do with its autonomy. In this field, Samsung promises not to disappoint and keep its users away from an outlet and enjoy their music for several hours.

For Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro a box with a battery of 500mAh and each headset must have a cell of 60mAh. This should translate into an autonomy of up to 20 hours of playback, allegedly with active noise cancellation on.

To recover these metrics, Samsung will offer two ways to charge your new earphones. Your users can do this through an entry USB-C or the Qi wireless charging.

In addition to some improvements in noise cancellation, the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will also be better prepared for stormy conditions. With the introduction of IP68 certification, these earphones promise to be faithful allies even in rain runs.

Last but not least, we must talk about the colors in which the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will be available for purchase. Everything indicates that this accessory can be purchased in gray, black or violet.

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